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Custom / User Defined Fields in PrimaryClinic Practice

PrimaryClinic Practice can be customised by users to add custom fields to the patient demographic. This is known as "User Defined Fields" or "UDF" for short:

  1. Create a custom field (or UDF):
    • From the menu bar, go to Setup > General Settings > User Defined Field Types
    • Click Add button to add a new custom field
        • Field Name - Enter label of the field
        • Field Type - Character (free text), List (user can add values as a drop-down list) or Date
        • Back Colour - double-click to select the color, this color will be highlighted on Patient's name if that patient has value as defined (optional)
        • Default Value - this is optional
  2. Using custom fields (UDF):
    • Search Patient by UDF: 
      In the search patient screen, go to Advance then select the UDF/ custom field name and a value to search for:
    • Input UDF value inside patient profile 
      In patient profile, go to UDF field and select field name and field value