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Front Desk - Sending

Learn how to send messages in Front Desk software.

Please download the guide below. 

Sending Secured Messages on Front Desk

  1. Select a patient record, File->Patient 


2. Select the Billing Details tab.

3. Click on the Letter button.

4. Select the desired template.

5. Complete content of letter and send using the ReferralNet option

Sample Microsoft Word Template

Re:  <<FullName>> of <<Address1>>, <<Address2>>
Body of text goes here.......
Patient Name: <<Surname>>, <<FirstName>> DOB: <<DateOfBirth>> Referred by: <<RefSurname>>

Note: Set the fixed text pattern to have an invisible font style so the sender never sees the bottom fragment.

Reference Material

  • Front Desk Manual (refer to page 226 of the manual to create a Front Desk template letter using Microsoft Word)