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Genie - Configuration

Configuring Genie.

Please download the guide below. 

ReferralNet Configuration For Receiving

  • Don't forget to add and configure the additional action by following the agent backup scheme.
  • If you are using ReferralNet Agent version 3.3.0 and above, use the Archiving Feature instead.

    ReferralNet Configuration For Sending

  • Genie automatically generates acknowledgement for referrals/messages received and there is no way to disable it. (confirmed with Genie Support).
  • User needs to make sure the address book for the sender of the referral/message is populated for the acknowledgement to be sent.
  • If no acknowledgement is warranted, select the tick box 'Ignore HL7 acknowledgements (they will be deleted)' in the corresponding 'Receive action'.

Setting Up The Incoming and Outgoing Folders

  1. In the Genie installation directory, create the ReferralNet folder (must be exactly ReferralNet and no other) and in that folder, create the 2 sub folders, Incoming and Outgoing.
  2. Shut down Genie and restart it.
  3. Perform the following checks:
    • After you have restarted Genie, it should automatically create several sub folders under the ReferralNet folder created earlier. (note the Errors and Processed) was automatically created by Genie on restart.

Click Correspondence Log on the Open menu. Note that if BLUE text = successful and RED text = not successful.


Adding ReferralNet Username to Genie's User List

  1. Click All User Preferences on the File menu.
  2. Double click on a user name in the User Preferences window.

3. Click General tab

4. Enter the user's ReferralNet User ID for ReferralNet ID:

5. Click Save.

6. Repeat the steps 2 to step 5 for the other users who are sending referrals using ReferralNet and close the User Preferances window.

Adding ReferralNet Username to Contacts in Genie's Address Book

  1. Click Address Book on the Open menu.
  2. Search Address Book... window will appear to allow you to search for an existing provider in the Genie database.

3. Double click on a provider from the search result to select the provider.

4. On the provider's address book entry:

  • Click Correspondence tab.
  • Select ReferralNet as the Preferred Method of Communication.
  • Enter the provider's ReferralNet User ID for ReferralNet.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat the steps above for other providers who are using ReferralNet.

  • Note: Genie does have the facility to import users into it's address book from a delimited file, however this will only create new entries. There is no functionality to update existing entries. A CSV file of users and a regular update with new users can be provided by contacting ReferralNet support.