Getting started

How to get started creating and sending an ereferral with ReferralNet

Learn how to create and send a referral

These instructions will cover most clinical systems using local address books. 

Step 1 

Select the 'new letter' icon from your clinical screen. 

ReferralNet - New Letter

Step 2 

Select the 'templates' tab or option, and then 'use template.'

ReferralNet - Template Selection

Step 3

Choose the template you wish to use. Click 'open.'

ReferralNet - Template 2

Step 4 

Choose the recipient from your local address book.

ReferralNet - Choose recipient

Step 5

If the recipient does not exist, you will need to add them into your local address book first with their Secure Messaging ID.

ReferralNet - add contact

Step 6 

Click the 'export as HL7 file' or the equivalent button on your clinical system. Click 'ok' on the pop-up window if one appears. 

ReferralNet - Export

Step 7 

Once the eReferral has been encrypted and sent successfully, you might see a popup window letting you know it was successful. 

ReferralNet - Success