Getting started

How to get started receiving an ereferral with ReferralNet

Learn how to receive a referral

These instructions will cover most clinical systems. 

Step 1 

On the main window of your system, click the “View and allocate incoming reports” icon.ReferralNet receive 1

Step 2

Select and double click a letter in the “Incoming reports” window to open and preview the letter in the “Investigation report” window. Close the investigation report window.

ReferralNet receive 2

Step 3

In the “Incoming reports” window, select the letter and click Allocate to Doctor or Allocate to Patient or Auto-allocate. Once selected, click “Save”.

ReferralNet receive 3

Step 4 

Select an existing patient to allocate or match the letter to in the “Allocate patient” window.

ReferralNet receive 4