How to use Two-factor Authentication (2FA) in Patient Portal



If two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled on your patient portal, it will require all consumers to have a verified mobile number to log in. If a consumer hasn't got a verified mobile number yet (due to a land-line or they are an existing patient portal user) then they will be prompted to correct or update their phone number to verify it on their first login. 

When two 2FA will be used for consumers 

  • New Patient Portal registration
  • Patient Portal login
  • Updating a new mobile number

1. New registration

During the registration, consumers must enter a valid mobile number. Landline numbers are not accepted.patient_portal_1.png

Once a consumer clicks on “Register", your Patient Portal will navigate to the 2FA page. Consumers will be required to click “Send Code” to receive a verification code (OTP) to their mobile via SMS.

After the OTP entered into the Patient Portal matches with the one sent to the mobile, the number is verified and the consumer can log in.

Note: On the next login, the OTP will be directly sent to the consumer's mobile (See the image in section 2.1).



2. Patient Portal login

2.1 Consumers with a verified mobile number

The consumer enters their username and password. If the credentials are correct, Patient Portal navigates to the 2FA page and also sends an OTP to the consumer's mobile. The consumer will need to verify the OTP. If matched, the user will be logged in.



2.2. Consumers with an unverified mobile number

This includes people who have previously used your Patient Portal and have not previously verified their mobile number.

The consumer enters their username and password on the login page. If the credentials are correct, Patient Portal will navigate to the 2FA page and ask for a mobile number for verification.

The user can update their number (if needed) then click “Get Code” and verify the OTP.
If the codes match, the user can log in.


3. Updating mobile number

While on the Personal Information page while logged in already.

Consumers need to click on the question mark next to the Mobile field as below, then click “here“ from the pop-up description to continue.


Enter the new mobile number, click “Save & Get Code“.


The consumer need to enter the OTP which had been sent to the mobile number entered and click Verify to finish the action.


If the mobile number has saved but fails to verify for any reason, the consumer will need to verify it on their next login. If they fail to verify the new number again, they need to find a mobile number that can be verified to login to Patient Portal.

It typically takes less than 10 seconds for an SMS arrives. 

If the verification fails for any reason, the user won't be able to log in. They will need to contact client support for further assistance.