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Mastercare EMR - Sending a referral

Mastercare EMR

Creating and sending a Referral Letter

  1. Open your Patient



  1. Click “Add Clinical Information”



  1. Select your template by hovering over the letter option



  1. Enter the date, time and reason of the Referral



  1. Type out your document in the letter writer feature, click on the print document button in the bottom right hand corner.



  1. Once done you will go to a page for final review, click on Print/Send.



  1. This will give you recipients already added for this Patient, if one does not exist click on add.



  1. Make sure you have selected “Include Online Provider Lookup” and do a search for your desired provider. This will search the ReferralNet and Argus address books. Double click on this recipient to add.



  1. Once selected click on Send to export the file for sending.