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myPractice - Sending

How to send a message ...

  • Create a Letter/Report for the Client in the Letter Editor as normal.
    Important Note: All Clients must have a Practitioner selected in 'Client Details' - this is so that the message can be directed to the Recipient via the correct Practitioner account.
  • When completed, click "Send Securely"
  • Select the Recipient and click "Send to Selected"
  • myPractice checks that the Recipient is listed in the myPractice Referrers listing along with the Recipients ReferralNet Account.
  • The letter is encrypted and then passed, along with the Recipient and Sender details to the ReferralNet system.
  • ReferralNet directs the message to the Recipient.
  • Note: myPractice will return an error if the Sender or Recipient details are not correct.

  • myPractice 3 SnR.pdf