Troubleshooting for Users

PAS Patient Portal Patient Flow for Patients

Patients will typically follow the below workflow for a PAS Patient Portal.

1. Link is sent to the patient by the hospital

2. Patient either a) registers for the hospital's patient portal and therefore also registers for a Lifecard account or b) they sign up with an existing Lifecard account and are prompted to accept the Hospital's Terms of the Patient Portal 

Registration of a new account will ask for: 

  • Email
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name 
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Consent for hospital fees and hospital's terms
  • Consent for Lifecard 

They click Register and Continue.

The patient will receive an email from your Patient Portal that will have their Lifecard registration details.

3. Patient will need to enter a code sent via SMS if your hospital has two-factor authentication enabled

4. Patient will need to select New Admission from the next screen


5. Patient will need to complete each tab listed down the left-handside of the screen.

They can save progress by clicking the next button at the bottom of a page or choosing a new section.


6. Once all sections have been complete, patient can select save on the final page then click submit in the top left corner.

7. Finally, the patient will be asked about final terms and conditions.


They will need to agree to the tick box, and then click confirm and submit to continue.

It can take a few moments to upload.


The patient can then view their submission, download the form or delete the submission from their account.