User Guides

Practix - Sending and Receiving

Using practiX to Send Referrals via Microsoft Word

1. Click on Search and in the space provided, enter the patient's name and press Enter.

2. Select a patient from the patient list by double-clicking on the patient name.

3. Select New Consultation for the patient.

4. From the Activities box, select the Write Document.

5. Once selected, the Write Document window will open. From the drop down boxes, select the Document Template you wish to use.

6. Once you have selected the document you wish to open, complete the necessary step. Once you have finished, click on Create Document.

7. When the document opens, verify that all information is correct and all information has been entered (including Patient First Name, Patient Last Name and Patient DOB).

8. Save the file and then Close the document.

9. After completing the document, select the actions required from the drop down menus.

10. Once the letter has been completed, click on Close.


Using practiX to Receive Referrals

There are two areas within practiX to import files:

  • Reception > Tools > Letters & Documents > Attach / Acquire Document
  • In the patient health record, select Activities > Attach / Acquire Document
  • Note: The Attach/Acquire Document will only show on the health Record menu if the Service Provider has nominated this information in their options. This can be added at any time by the Service Provider through the Tools > User Options menu.

Attach/Acquire Document

Reception > Tools > Letters & Documents > Attach Acquire Document

  1. Select Document to Attach. (A preview of the currently selected document will be displayed on the right hand side if possible)
  2. Click Preview if the document is not automatically displayed and a preview is required.
  3. Search for and select the patient
  4. Set attachment options (Attach to: Document Received/Document Sent/Other Document/Summary Document)
  5. Select a contact in reference to the attached/acquired document
  6. Select a ‘Next Action’ as configured in System Configuration – Templates – Next Action Maintenance
  7. Select a User to perform the selected Next Action
  8. Description – enter the description which will appear in the patients records
  9. Click on Attach.