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SafeScript with PrimaryClinic Medical

About SafeScript

The Victorian government has introduced SafeScript real-time prescription monitoring (RTPM) coming into effect from 1/Apr/2020. In simple terms, this is an initiative that enables prescribing practitioners (doctors and pharmacists) to be notified at point-of-care of any patient risks of drug dependency.

PrimaryClinic Medical (PCM) clients can become compliant with SafeScript by:

  1. Upgrading to the latest PCM release
  2. Enabling MediSecure electronic scripts; and
  3. Registering with SafeScript for each practitioner; and
  4. Load the SafeScript Notification App - which runs in the background on the desktop.

Please refer to SafeScript Information and Training for the most up-to-date information or directly to information for prescribers.

How SafeScript works with PrimaryClinic Medical

Three software components are required at your practice:

  1. PrimaryClinic Medical (PCM) latest release; and
  2. MediSecure electronic scripts - pre-configured with PCM; and
  3. VIC government's SafeScript Notification App - which runs in the background on the desktop.

When a practitioner issues an electronic script it is passed to MediSecure in real-time and to the federal government's Prescription Exchange Service (PES). This allows the proposed patient script to be checked in real-time against other currently prescribed medications within the Medicines monitored in SafeScript list.

If there are any risks to the patient, the notification is sent through to the SafeScript Notification App which will issue a warning such as below:


Who to contact for further assistance

The following table is a quick reference to get you started:


Organisation Email Phone
Global Health - PrimaryClinic primaryclinic.support@global-health.com  03 9675 0600
MediSecure tech support helpdesk@medisecure.com.au  1800 47 27 47
SafeScript technical support it.safescript@dhhs.vic.gov.au 1800 732 379
SafeScript General Enquiries team safescript@dhhs.vic.gov.au  03 9096 5633
GP Clinical Advisory Service   1800 812 804