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The purpose of this article is to provide information regarding PrimaryClinic's approach to user licensing with an explanation of registration and authentication of users, concurrent users/sessions, session locking and user monitoring & reporting.

What are the PrimaryClinic products?

There are currently two PrimaryClinic products:

  • PrimaryClinic Practice - for administration and billing
  • PrimaryClinic Medical - for medical practitioners

Has the licensing model recently changed?


The licensing fees for PrimaryClinic software have not changed for over six years. When Global Health Limited bought the software it was rebranded to PrimaryClinic and the pricing was setup on a 'concurrent user' basis. This licensing model was the most fair and equitable way to provide license keys.

However, the license keys have changed since 2018. The older license keys have been supported in parallel with the current license keys during a two year transition period. The latest 2020 PrimaryClinic software now only supports the current license keys.

The current license keys now enforce the 'concurrent user' licensing model.

In the near future this will tie into the Australian Digital Health Agency's (ADHA) PRODA authentication to keep our software compliant with national legislation.

Who is counted as a user?

Anyone who is configured with access to a PrimaryClinic product is considered a user.

Our team does not interfere with your site's ability and responsibility to manage its own users and user access rights. We also do not determine your users' certifications or qualifications - which is entirely in your control.

How are users managed in PrimaryClinic?

PrimaryClinic software is used in a variety of business types and configurations and the PrimaryClinic software provides your 'administrative' user with the ability to freely create and manage your users and what accesses they have within the software. These are your site's 'named users'.

The number of 'concurrent users' is determined as the number of users logged in at the same time within a PrimaryClinic product - this is sometimes referred to as a 'session'.

How can I control user sessions?

PrimaryClinic has introduced greater controls for your administrative user and each user.

Users will no longer need to logout to reduce the number of concurrent users. They can now simply LOCK their session when not in use and then resume their session when they return to their desks.

Each user can also setup a session timeout and inactive sessions will simply LOCK automatically after the set period.

User session management is especially important for compliance with Electronic Prescribing conformance guidelines.

In addition, your administrative user can also now:

- see all open sessions

- terminate sessions not in use; and

- view a daily usage report

Our PrimaryClinic support team can help train your administrative user. If you want assistance please email primaryclinic.support@global-health.com

How can I determine the number of 'concurrent users' my clinic is using?

Your administrative user can monitor and view a daily usage report to show maximum user counts by day.

What about part-time or read-only licenses?

PrimaryClinic does not support part-time or read-only licenses.

Over the years we made exceptions for a limited time but this is no longer able to be supported with the new license keys.