What can you use the administration portal for?

Patient Portal Administration Portal

There are several reasons you might want to view the administration side of the portal.

These include:

  • viewing a list of completed submissions in a certain time period
  • searching for a patient's pre-admission form
  • viewing in progress admissions 
  • troubleshooting errors for patients 

Downloading copies 

If for some reason forms are not arriving in your PAS system, you can check the administration portal to see if there are completed forms in the Patient Portal.

If so, it is likely there is an issue with the integration between Patient Portal and PAS. Patients can still fill in pre-admission forms online and staff can download PDF versions of the forms if needed. 


Troubleshooting issues

You can use the admin login to help troubleshoot patient issues. 

If patients have called concerned that they cannot complete the form or indicating they are having issues, you can check this portal to see how far along they are in the form. 

If the patient's admission is only 50% complete, they likely cannot submit the form because they haven't completed it fully.