User Guides

ZedMed - Sending and Receving

Sending Secured Messages from Zedmed using ReferralNet

1. On the Clinical Records window, click Open Patient

2. On the Find Patient window, enter the patient’s name and click Find.

3. On the CRS Patient Selector window, select the patient and click Select.

4. On the Patient Record window, click the green play button.

5. On the Current Encounter section window, click the Referral button - 4th button from the left (Ctrl+R).

6. On the Referrals for <patient name>, window, click the Letters tab. 

7. Select the recipient for the referral letter by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon on the left.

8. Select the document template for the letter by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon on the right.

9. Click the Letter button.

10. On the Letter Writer window, perform the necessary changes to the referral letter and click the Document Properties icon to change the document properties.

11. Once the document properties are correct, click the Distribute icon to send the letter.

12. Click Yes when prompted to save the referral letter.

13. On the Print/Send window, select the Distribute Now and ‘Send electronically to all electronic recipients’. Click Ok.

14. The ReferralNet Agent interface will appear, which allows recipient within the ReferralNet directory to be selected for the referral letter to be sent to. Click Send.


Receiving Secured Messages from Zedmed using ReferralNet

1. On the Clinical Records window, click Import Laboratory Results(Ctrl+F6) on the Results menu. This will result Zedmed to look into the Incoming ReferralNet Message folder and check for new messages.

2. Click Results Inbox(F6) on the Results menu.

3. Perform the necessary actions to the messages on the Results Inbox window.